Quantum Computing Club

at San Diego State University

Wednesdays in Student Success West 1500 7-9PM

What We Do

The purpose of this organization is to foster curiosity, promote learning, and facilitate collaboration in quantum computing. Our mission is to build a vibrant community that explores the potential of this cutting-edge technology while honing software engineering skills. Through workshops, projects, and research, we aim to empower diverse members with experience in both quantum computing and software engineering, inspiring a passion for continuous exploration and innovation within an inclusive and supportive environment.

The Quantum Computing Club at San Diego State University is a student-run organization, focused on creating a community of students interested in quantum computing and software engineering. Our club is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for students to learn about quantum computing, software engineering, and other related topics. We host weekly meetings, events, and hackathons to help students learn and grow their professional skillset. We also provide professional experience and expertise to help students prepare for their future careers.

Member Roadmap

Guiding members through a progressive journey of learning, exploration, and hands-on experience in the field of Quantum Computing.


Wirless and Quantum Communication Research Group at SDSU

The WQCR Group focuses on Wireless and Quantum Communication Research. We work in small teams to apply quantum computing in areas such as telecommunications, UAV networks, satellite networks, and more! We have research positions available for both undergraduate and graduate students. To learn more contact the club president or faculty advisor.

Meet Our Team

Our officers are dedicated to providing the best experience for our members. The Quantum Computing Club at SDSU is a student-run organization, focused on creating a community of students interested in quantum computing and software engineering. Our officers are highly dedicated and passionate about building a community oriented around networking, problem solving, and learning.

Tanner Kocher


Tanner Kocher

Vice President/Founder

Alejandro Pacheco

Tanner Kocher


Andres Anderson

Tanner Kocher


Garen Vehouni

Tanner Kocher

Membership Officer/Founder

James Marsh

Tanner Kocher

Technical Officer/Founder

Enoch Chigbu

Tanner Kocher

Technical Officer/Founder

Raphaelle Baguio

Tanner Kocher

Faculty Advisor/Founder

Dr. Krishna Ramamoorthy

Upcoming Events

April Hackathon

Presented By

The challenge will consist of 10 progressively difficult quantum functions that you need to implement based on their description using the Classiq SDK and platform. If you finish all 10 functions, there will be an open ended portion to submit a quantum algorithm implementation of your choice, with a writeup summarizing the algorithm and its applications. To determine a winner, submissions will be evaluated based on their effectiveness and creativeness. Collaboration is encouraged! Submissions can be individual or group, and only 1 group member needs to register. Groups may be as large as 6 members. Spread the word, tell your friends, and good luck! For San Diego locals, the club will be meeting on campus the evening of Wednesday April 24th to kick off the challenge.

April 24th - 28th

Location (Only on April 24): Student Services West 1500

Weekly Lab Meeting

Our weekly lab meetings are structured for members to learn about quantum computing and software engineering. We meet weekly for interactive labs, 7-8:45PM @SSW 1500. Student members work individually or in small groups to complete each lab. The labs currently follow a lecture format, where small groups and individuals can ask questions and work together to complete the lab.

7-8:45PM | Wednesday's during Fall/Spring Semester

Location: Student Services West 1500

Past Events

Qiskit Fall Fest

The Qiskit Fall Fest is a collection of quantum computing events on college campuses around the world. Every Fall Fest event is organized and run by the students on each campus, with support from IBM Quantum. Student leaders work alongside IBM to design and plan their event, which are run in October and November. Each event is standalone - only made for the students on that particular campus.

The Qiskit Fall Fest at SDSU will platform guest speakers, and feature three interactive labs created by IBM Quantum. It is an opportunity to network, learn about quantum technology, information, and science. Members will also be able to earn a certificate issued by IBM Quantum.

7-9PM | October 24-26th, 2023

Location: Student Services West 1500

Remember! Weekly Meetings at 7 PM! Location: Student Services West 1500

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